Why MiraLAX®?

Relief from constipation that works naturally with your body.

You know when your system is thrown out of balance by constipation. When your digestive tract isn't running smoothly, it can throw off your whole day. Nothing works better than MiraLAX laxative to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects, so you can get on with your day.

Why MiraLAX is The One

  • Relieves constipation and softens stool
  • No bloating, no cramping, no gas
  • No sudden urgency, so you're in control
  • The #1 recommended laxative by doctors, pharmacists, and gastroenterologists
  • The #1 brand used in hospitals

MiraLAX® powder dissolves easily in water and other
liquids, with no taste or grit. And MiraLAX is available
without a prescription. That's why MiraLAX is The One.